Meet our Employees

Dylan Terry

CEO/General Manager​

Hailing from Eastern Kentucky, Dylan is our advanced instructor for instrumentation and Head Sound Engineer. He specializes in Drums, Guitar, Piano, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Music Theory, Production, DJing, and Sound Engineering. Dylan plays various instruments in multiple bands such as The Gyth Rigdon Band,  The Dani LaCour Band, Apollyon, The Neli Dixon Band, The JP Primeaux Band, as well as the United States Army Band where he is a 7 year veteran. He also endorses TRX Cymbals, where he is in the Rising Star Artist program.

Neli Dixon

COO/Assistant Manager​

Neli Dixon is a world renowned singer songwriter from Houston TX! She has spent many years perfecting her talents and skills and Studied at Berklee college of Music. She's performed with Dave Baker, Dylan Terry, Leland Grant, Kentexiana, Blue Scarlett, and Theater Under the Stars, just to name a few. Her new album will be coming out in the fall of 2018 so keep a look out!

Here at the Front Porch she instructs Voice, piano, songwriting, and theory and is very excited to share the musical world with you!

Elisabeth Falgout

String Instruction

Elisabeth is a current Strings Education Major at McNeese State University. She has been playing piano, violin, and cello since childhood and in her college career began performing on viola, double bass, harp, and organ. Elisabeth's passion for music education is what makes her the wonderful educator she is today. 

David Locklear

Guitar/Voice Instruction

Music became part of my life early on. I started with drums, and by age 15, I was proficient with all percussive instruments. I always like the smooth and cool tunes my father listened to, so I picked up a guitar at age 15 and fell in love with the instrument. I admire artists like Jim Croce, Donavan, Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson, and their ability to entertain thousands of folks with very few instruments. I needed to be like them. I started writing and singing and before I knew it, people were paying me for what I love to do. At age 17 I made it to the blind auditions for the Voice. Since then, I have played with some Louisiana Legends and some artists that will be. I released my 1st EP in 2013 and a single in 2014. I am all over the web from i-Tunes to i-Heart Radio. Just Google me and you will see what I like to do. Currently I am a student in Central Louisiana and gig when I can. I will always perform music. I may not do it for my living but I will do it for you my fans, and myself. It is my True Love.

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